Inspired by wanting to share the fantastic benefits of Tai Chi with people who do not have the time or desire to learn a classic Tai Chi form, I created Balance+.

The simple yet effective exercises of Balance+ center on three core principles:


  • Root to the ground

  • Loosen the waist

  • Empty the upper body

Root to the ground means you create an energetic and physical connection to the earth. Loosening the waist means you learn to move from your waist. This promotes integrated movement, meaning your entire body moves as one unit. Emptying the upper body means you let go of as much tension as can you. This allows your upper body to easily follow the movement generated from your waist.

When you put all three core principles together, you will move with more confidence, stability, and with more relaxation.

Balance + Tiferet.jpg

Contact me with any questions, learn about in-person and virtual lessons and classes, and to receive updates on Balance+ Online.

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