Levi Ben-Shmuel: Corporate Health & Wellness

Research has shown that a healthy workforce creates immeasurable benefits to the success of a company. Great health means nurturing the mind, body and spirit. When time is invested in bringing these aspects of who we are into harmony and balance, inner resources are freed up to bring out the best we have to offer.  For employers, this means more productive, creative, and happier employees.


Based on decades of exploring Eastern and Western wellness systems, Levi has developed a set of lectures and exercises that can help your organization's employees maximize their potential. They are easy to understand, learn and provide quick results. They will increase your staff's individual productivity, reduce personal and organizational stress, and enable stronger and more effective teams.

The Health and Wellness lectures provide employees with a mental framework for understanding the pressures of their daily work life while the exercises teach them how to relax so they can maintain a measured and professional relationship with their work, managers, teams, and colleagues. The sessions will make your staff stronger mentally, physically, and emotionally by providing them with important tools they can use to manage the challenges of their daily work routine.  

When mind and body are fully engaged and relaxed, people can maximize their productivity and stimulate their creativity energies.  

The benefits of Levi's Health and Wellness System are:

• Higher employee productivity

• Stronger team players

• Better engagement with projects, managers, teams, and colleagues

• Faster and more satisfactory conflict resolution

• Lower individual and group stress

• More forceful and directed personal energy

Health and Wellness System Components:


• Inspirational Wellness – engage the mind in important concepts that lead to good health

• Breath Work – integrate this essential mind/body connector into daily life

• Standing Strategies – build power, stability and focus

• Body Movements – learn to move in a relaxed, graceful and centered way

• Sitting Exercises – for when there is not time or space to move

Sessions are customized to fit the needs of your organization. They range from half-hour individual or group sessions to full-day training, and can be done onsite at your office or at an offsite location.

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