Kabbalah means "to receive." Perhaps the greatest gift available to us is embracing the unconditional love the Divine offers each and every one of us. When we make this the foundation of our lives, we can blossom in the solid knowing that we are loved as we are.

I had the great fortune to meet a remarkable Kabbalah in Jerusalem. She used Kabbalah's Tree of Life as a guide to help her students remove the blocks in the way of living what she called the Divine Romance; the intimate relationship with the Divine that is our birthright.

I teach people how to reconnect to the Divine Romance through the ten energy centers of the Tree of Life. Each one is a manifestation of Divine energy with different characteristics and associations.

Talk on Kabbalah, Truth, & Love:

Sulam Chi is a set of movements I co-created with another student of my Kabbalah teacher. It is a beautiful integration of Tai Chi-like movement and the energies of Kabbalah's Tree of Life.

You can learn Sulam Chi via my online course. You don't need a background in Tai Chi or Kabbalah. Sulam Chi is for all ages and levels of fitness. It can be done in a few minutes in a small space.

  • Sulam Chi Online

    An integration of the energies of Tai Chi and Kabbalah
    • Detailed instruction on learning the movements of Sulam Chi.
    • Instructions for a set of foundational exercises.
    • An overview of Kabbalah's Tree of Life.
    • The story behind the creation of Sulam Chi.
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