Life Coaching


Are you ready to step up and claim more power?


Package 1: 10 Paths to True Power!


Based on Kabbalah’s Tree of Life, explore 10 dimensions of power that will enrich and empower your life. True power is rooted in wisdom. True wisdom is rooted in getting clear on your core life principles and striving to live them. 8 one-hour sessions.



Do you need help organizing your life or creating better relationships?


Package 2: Balance Your Life!


Beginning with the heart center of Kabbalah’s Tree of Life, learn to bring  a new balance to your life and relationships. 8 one-hour sessions.



Do you want to go beyond your current experience?


Package 3: Transcendence!


In this breakthrough course learn Kabbalistic meditations, visualizations and receive spiritual counseling to take you to your next level spiritually. 5 one-hour sessions.



Do you want more wisdom in your life?


Package 4: The Living Wisely Method


Based on my inspirational book Living Wisely, progress through The Tree of Life and discover how to live with more wisdom, joy and love. 10 one-hour sessions.



Do you feel ungrounded or are you too much in your head?


Package 5: Ground and Center!


Drawing on Tai Chi and other Eastern practices, learn simple yet profound mind/body/spirit exercises to reconnect you to the vital life force energy flowing through you. You will get stronger and feel more alive through focused relaxation.


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