Levi Ben-Shmuel: Music




Levi's music is filled with spirit, joy and passion. He is available for house concerts, special events, and festivals. Click here to book Levi.

Levi's CD Take a New Road joyfully connects people of all faiths, beliefs, and cultures to the freedom that comes from opening the heart to the divine love that lives in each of us. The songs tell an inspirational story of faith, yearning, commitment, finding, and celebrating the journey to internal freedom rooted in love. At times the songs rock out, and at times they move into a peaceful, meditative space. There is something for everyone in this finely crafted album.



"Levi's music is from the heart…it touches me deeply. He has a wonderful voice and his lyrics are devotional and uplifting. I love to sing along and feel the Divine Presence."

- Q. Ryals, San Rafael, CA


More Songs!

"Walk in Hope" was inspired by Jeremiah 29:11. It speaks of the potential that life holds in every moment for positive and uplifting thoughts and actions to win the day:

"My Rock, My Truth, My Shield" is a love song to the Divine:

"Bring Peace" is a prayer for the healing and flourishing of our hearts:

"Shechinah," the Hebrew word for the Divine feminine, is a song that honors Her: