How Intelligent Are You?

Did you ever take an IQ test? If so, were you mortified by the result? Or, did your chest puff up with pride based on answering a bunch of questions that proved you were superior to most of the population?

Regardless of whether or not you ever took the test, or believe or not in an IQ test’s validity, I have good news. Built into every cell of your body is an intelligence so sophisticated that you can consider yourself a genetic genius. And, depending on how you choose to live, you can be more than that; you can embody intelligence in every aspect of your life.

From ancient times, Ayurveda has recognized that every living thing is filled with prana. Prana is the vital life force energy also known as chi, ki, and many other names that might be less familiar. It is the cosmic intelligence that lives within every cell, tissue, and organ of our bodies.

There are countless examples of this intelligence at play within us and throughout the universe. How does your body know how to digest food or heal from an injury? How does a seed know how to grow into a tree? How do the planets, stars, and galaxies know how to do what they do? Because they are filled with the same cosmic intelligence that guides all of creation.

You can boost your intelligence by aligning yourself with the inborn wisdom that is operating within you 24/7 as well as the cosmic intelligence in the world around you.

Practices from ancient wisdom traditions are my favorite ways to get into alignment. Being a Tai Chi practitioner for decades, the Taoist goal of living in harmony with nature has had a profound impact on my life. Ayurveda, another ancient tradition rooted in finding harmony and balance with the natural world, offers many lifestyle recommendations that are easy to try and can bring quick results.

Whatever you are up for trying, go for it! Given that you can be more intelligent by making some simple changes to your lifestyle, it sounds like a no brainer to me.

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