Is Peace on Earth Possible?

It is hard to argue against the prayer, may there be peace on earth. I know, you will find some people, organizations, and companies who believe their best interest is to create more chaos, destruction, and war. I think it is a safe bet to believe that most people yearn for peace in their own lives and in the world.

As I thought about the possibility for peace at the end of a chaotic 2021, something popped into my head that gave me pause. What if peace is boring? If so, are we stuck living in a world of endless drama and turmoil?

People seem to thrive on conflict and drama. How many shows or news pieces do you see that feature peace? How many would you watch? How did a trouble-telling-the-truth reality TV show star become president? Is it true that peace is too boring so we choose to keep dramas going regardless of the cost?

My Kabbalah teacher was well known for her lack of interest in drama. One of her teachings was, “Drop the drama.” She would counsel some students to write it on a piece of paper and stick it on the fridge as a reminder to do it.

She would sadly tell the tale of students who had gone through a life changing spiritual transformation that was based on dropping a major drama. It would result in a blissful state of peace and quiet in their minds and hearts. But in just about every case, the students couldn’t hold it. They let back in whatever created the drama and did not try to drop it again. Apparently, it was more interesting and exciting to keep the drama going.

I know very well what she was describing. I have had more than one life changing experience where I was temporarily immersed in states of consciousness where drama had no place. I was so filled with love and bliss that peace naturally followed. Yet as those experiences faded, once again I saw myself playing out tired, old patterns that thrive on drama and conflict, patterns I was, and am, committed to drop.

So, is peace on earth a pipe dream? I don’t think so. Our love of drama is real. It is hard to drop it. But love is stronger than drama. When I catch myself falling back into old patterns that create conflict, I can choose to drop the drama I am about to create. I know love is not interested in creating drama; it is interested in supporting and encouraging those we care about.

When I choose love, the power of drama is insignificant. The pleasure of using love as the fuel to make choices to accept and boost those around me is so much greater. The joy of the peace that naturally follows is so satisfying it encourages me to want more of it.

May you and your loved ones be blessed with a safe, joyful, peaceful, and drama free rest of the holiday season.

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