Longer Days, Spaceship Earth, and You

Updated: Jan 22

Have you noticed that the days are getting longer? Yesterday, I looked out the window around 5 pm and noticed it. Since I was a kid, seeing the days grow longer made me happy. Yesterday, I felt something else; I felt how intimately we are connected to the natural world. It made me wonder what it would mean for humanity if a greater number of us lived with that awareness.

Regardless of your religious or spiritual beliefs, the fact that we are all travelers on what Buckminster Fuller called “Spaceship Earth” is an opportunity to expand our consciousness and take in an ancient truth; life is an interconnected web. Therefore, everything that is alive inherently has meaning and deserves a level of respect because it is part of a complex whole where, by definition, every part matters.

Because life is interconnected, everything has the potential to impact the whole (remember the butterfly effect?). What you think, say, and do is not inconsequential.

As chaotic and uncertain as this time is, we have the ability to make decisions in our daily lives that can create a little more joy, peace, and harmony in our corner of the world. To do this, it takes two things that are fully in our control: awareness and will.

When we see ourselves as passengers on Spaceship Earth, it is natural to help make the journey as pleasant as possible for our fellow travelers. I really like this analogy. When you board an airplane, you don’t know the other passengers’ political, religious, or sexual orientation. Everyone onboard agrees to basic rules of decency to make the flight smooth. Is it that farfetched to see our journeys on planet Earth in a similar way? I don’t think so. How about you?

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