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Inspiration to live with more joy, beauty and wisdom



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Levi Ben-Shmuel is the author of the soon to be published book, The Path of Truth, Simplicity & Love. It is an inspirational guide to help you live with more joy, beauty, and wisdom.

For more than thirty years, Levi has been inspiring people to live healthier, balanced, and more joyful lives through his teaching, speaking, and music.


After studying Tai Chi Chuan under two Tai Chi masters in Boston, he began teaching Tai Chi in Jerusalem in 1991. While living in Israel, Levi met a woman who transformed his life; Hadassah Ben-Yishai.


Through her use of Kabbalah as a teaching tool, Levi began the journey to make the unconditional loving relationship the Divine offers all of us the foundation of his life. He is also a certified Chopra Health Instructor in Ayurveda.


The Path of Truth, Simplicity & Love draws on Levi's intimate knowledge of Judaism’s mystical Tree of Life to create a guidebook to connect you to the timeless, unconditional love at your core. Experiencing this love will lead you to live with more joy, beauty, and harmony. 

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Book Levi to speak at conferences, interfaith gatherings, and special events

Levi at the Celebration in Santa Fe, NM on how his spiritual journey led him to write Living Wisely.
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Levi spoke with Rev. Carol Saunders, host of The Spiritual Forum Podcast, on living the Divine Romance

Levi on Kabbalah, Truth & Love at the Transitions Radio Magazine Conference on Health & Wellness


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