Levi's music is filled with passion and joy. It celebrates life and connects us to the unconditional love at the heart of it all. Whether Levi is doing covers or original songs, spirituality filled with love shines through.

Levi is available for house concerts, lifecycle events, interfaith gatherings, charity events, and kirtan evenings. He also offers customized workshops  combining music, movement and meditation.

To help keep people healthy during the coronavirus pandemic, Levi is sharing a series of simple and effective Taoist exercises. There are links to the other videos in the description of the first one. Enjoy and stay healthy and safe!

In the house of lovers the walls are made of songs, the floor dances and the music never stops.

- Rumi

Take a New Road is streaming on Apple Music and Spotify

Levi's music opens my heart, takes me into timeless spaces, and inspires me in powerful ways!

- Devorah S.

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