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Sulam Chi

Sulam Chi brings Kabbalah's Tree of Life alive through gentle yet powerful Tai Chi-like movements. Experience the 10 energy centers of the Tree where they live: in your body.

As you do each movement, focus on the energy center (sefirah in Hebrew) associated with it and energize each sefirah with a corresponding prayer/intention. 

Sulam Chi Demonstration

Sulam Chi - Overview & Demonstration
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"Sulam Chi is a unique form of devotional exercise that combines the Tree of Life and and Tai Chi. It brings you into the experience of ancient wisdom, while nourishing the moments you are living. It is practical and wise, and Levi Ben-Shmuel is an excellent teacher. As I say in my book, "there is no substitute for practice'" and this is a great practice."


 - Paul David Walker, author of Unleashing Genius: Leading Yourself, Teams, and Corporations

Sulam Chi Online



Learn a simple and beautiful Kabbalistic meditation in motion

Detailed instruction on the Sulam Chi movements

Instructions on a set of foundational exercises

An overview of the Tree of Life

Stories on the origins of Sulam Chi

A beautiful closing Sulam Chi meditation in motion

Course length: 60 minutes

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