Sharing my music is one of my favorite things to do.

I am a life-long music lover who leans hard towards rock and roll. Having learned to play the guitar as a child, I always had one with me no matter which country I lived in.

While working with my Kabbalah teacher in Jerusalem, I was guided to write love songs to the Divine. I had my doubts about what I could produce but trusting her guidance, I picked up my guitar and opened myself to what might happen.


To my utter surprise, out of the silence lyrics appeared and a melody followed. My first song, "Fill Me," was born. Since that special day, the music has not stopped.

I am available to play at any event where uplifting, spiritual music can add to the festivities!

My CD, Take a New Road, celebrates the freedom that comes from opening your heart to the divine love that lives in each of us.


The songs tell an inspirational story of faith, yearning, finding, and rejoicing in the journey of clearing the way for love. The songs range from rocking out to a peaceful, meditative space.

Click on the 'Get Album' link below to listen to Take a New Road on Spotify or Apple Music.

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